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2 Peter 3:18

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

3 Months Old

Joy Michelle was 3 months old on January 26. Time surely does fly!! She is still easy going. Thank You, Lord!!! She is smiling so big now; mainly in the morning. She likes to be snuggled still. :) Her head control is getting better, but she is not a fan of tummy time! I have never been a good one for remembering tummy time with any of my kiddos, so it is my fault she doesn't like because I hardly do it. She still loves the swing! She likes the Moby wrap too!! Mommy does too. :)

We are making the switch over to cloth diapers. She is in 0-3 month clothes. She is generally getting up once at night, anywhere from 2-5 depending on the night. She is still having tear duct issues, but it is beginning to clear up again.

I could love on her all day!!! She really does make the ache in my heart more bearable. I love the sweet smiles she gives me. They make me wonder what Janie Beth looks like when she smiles. :) Her big siblings love her to pieces!!! They are always in her space. LOL Eli loves her more than I thought he would. She smiles the biggest for him. :) I have a feeling they are going to be buds, which could mean more work for mommy. LOL Katie Jo is always wanting to hold her. Dad holds her more than he held the others. We definitely cherish her more than we did the others. Janie Beth has given us the gift of truly cherishing all of our children!

Here are some pictures from the last month...

3 Months Old with Little Janie

In the Snow...
 With Janie Beth's flowers at church.
 First kind of smile I caught on camera.
 This dude is hilarious
 LOVE this one!!!
 All snuggled in the Moby
 Not sure what to think of this thing. LOL See the mess of the kitchen/schoolroom/mommy's office. :)
 Eli is trying to get in the picture I am trying to take of Joy Schelle
 Will he ever leave me alone!?! LOL
 Watching Josiah do school.
 The plotting begins
 I am still waiting for the day that this boy learns how to smile normal on demand!
 The eyebrows are always a part of the smile. LOL

 Can you tell KJ has a peppermint in the side of her cheek? LOL
 Hanging with Dad!
 Sporting my cloth! :)
 Hanging out with Mr. Kevin and my cool buddette, Lola! :)


  1. I love the pictures of her and Eli. You can just see the love between them. How special!!!

  2. Schelle, you have ADORABLE kids. I was scrolling through the pictures and my 19 y/o son was watching and making cute comments, too.