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2 Peter 3:18

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

11 Months

Really this is Joy Schelle's 10 & 11 month old catch up because I never wrote her 10 month one. Oops! She weighed 16 lb 11 oz and 26 in at her 9.5 month check up. She has a Karr head and it jumped up, but we aren't concerned at this point. She is just following in Josiah's footsteps. :)

Joy Schelle, you have really come into your personality the last couple months! Your biggest accomplishment is crawling, which you did one week ago today. I was fixing Katie Jo's hair for church and you came crawling down the hallway. You are on the go now. You got where you wanted to go before, but it was by rolling, sitting up, turning around, ect. It would take quite some time for you to accomplish your goals. You are still content to stay in one place for a bit and play even though you are on the go now.

You have become quite the jabber box! Once again following in Josiah's footsteps. :) You "talk" on whatever toy you pick up. The first words out of your mouth on your "phone" are "hi da". You LOVE Dad!!! He isn't allowed to leave a room you are in without acknowledging your presence and giving you some attention. If we are up and he is still in bed, every time you hear the bed move or Dad cough, you say "da". It is so cute! You have stopped saying "ma", but in time I will wish you hadn't remembered it. lol  You have added "bye" to the mix of words and you wave really well now.

You share a room with all your siblings now, and the first night together you misbehaved the most! You were busy busy talking to them all. :) You have been taking 3 naps a day until just this last week. We are now down to 2. You are sleeping better at night too. YEAH!

You have become a food lover. You now eat 3 meals as well as nursing. We just added corn a couple days ago, and you love it! So far you have liked whatever I have put on your plate. You aren't following in Josiah's footsteps on that one, more like Katie Jo and Eli.

You still love outside! You will sit and look out the front door. It won't be long and you'll be out back with your big siblings building forts.

You still bring us lots of joy! I love to squeeze your round body. Your big smile brightens up the room! I can't believe you are almost 1 yr old! I love you sweetness!

Here are some pictures from the last couple months. You will notice that we don't keep bows in our hair very well these days. :)
A rare picture with Mom...
 Yep, I'm short! My favorite toy at church.

 Mom, we just got up!

 They will be partners in crime!
 Cheering Bama on!

 Nevermind, let's try osmosis! :)
 Her position while she nurses on the right side! Cracks me up.
 She kept wanting more and made this face every time.

 Precious blue eyes!
 Love my big sister!


  1. Good job for you getting a picture with her!! I was just thinking it has been since Easter that I have done that! She is precious. I hope you are feeling well.

  2. Beautiful, Michelle! You have such sweet, beautiful children! :)