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Sunday, July 3, 2011

6-8 Months

I have totally fallen off the ball and haven't put up Joy Schelle's update in 3 months! :O I am going to do my best to recap because I hope to print this out in book form one day. :)

6 Months
You really didn't start much new during your 6th month. You were still laid back and just a go with the flow kind of gal. You were getting close to sitting up, but hadn't gotten there yet. You love sleep!

You had bananas a couple times, but that is it. You weren't sure at first, but you got the hang of it.

Here are your 6 month pictures...
 Looks like she is saying "cheese" :)
 This is how well it went getting her monthly picture with Little Janie. LOL

 Going after the bear.
 Hair after bathtime. :P
 Eating bananas

7 Months

You had your 6 month check up at 7 months. You were 16 lb 1.5 oz and 26 in. You starting sitting up well, and you could roll over if you wanted to. :) You were amazing on the car trip to New Orleans!!! You are my nice round snuggle bug. Your demeanor is still just sweet and calm. You are still a Mama's girl!!

Here is your 7 Month picture.
 Sitting with Aunt Abby
 She loves to sleep with Baby on her head.
 Playing at Kid's Space

8 Months

You are still a Mama's girl, but you love when Daddy comes in the room or is around! You watch him and get so excited. :) You still have bananas from time to time, but that is it. You started rolling around on the floor, but it is only back and forth for the most part. There are times that you will roll multiple times in one direction. You manage to move about your bed now too. You have mastered sitting up. You have also become quite the chatterbox!!!! You are making up for all those months of not talking. LOL I guess you realized that you couldn't make it in this loud family without putting in your 2 cents worth. You definitely make yourself known! You haven't cut any teeth, but you are chewing on everything. You love the pool!! You will be joining Eli and Katie Jo in the water club.

You hung out with me in the sling the week of Bible School and were our class mascot. All the kids loved you, especially Luke! Thankfully, you hadn't started talking much at that time or you would've been a distraction. You go in the nursery on Sunday morning and all the workers love you. You are our sweetness. I love to squeeze you! You brighten up all our days around here. All of your big siblings still adore you! We shall see how they feel once you are getting in their stuff. LOL It is fun watching your personality come out even more, but it is sad that you are growing so fast!

Here are your 8 months pictures...
With Little Janie (Man, have you grown!)
 My view from the sling. :)
 With cousin Gwyn
 Sportin' my ponytail at the library.

I could just eat you up! You are so cute!! :)

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