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2 Peter 3:18

Monday, October 18, 2010

Re-Cap of the week

Last week was so busy! Yes, even when on bedrest there are times you must leave the house.

Monday started with check-ups for Katie Jo and Eli. They are looking good. :) Katie Jo is 40.5 lbs. Eli is 33.5 lbs and 37 in. Eli will be evaluated for his speech just to be sure he is good since Josiah and Katie Jo both had speech troubles. I have to say, I LOVE our new doctor!!!!! We also got new epi pens for Eli, and we are looking into whether to re-test now or wait a bit. Josiah had a soccer game that night.

Tuesday we did school. I went to the doc. I was 3-4cm and still 50% effaced. I am to continue taking my meds when I need them and continue to keep off my feet. Katie Jo had a soccer game that night.

Wednesday we went out and about. The kids have been wanting to see where D-Daddy (Joey's dad) was buried, so we took them out there. Then, we went and saw Janie Beth. After visiting her, we went to the mall and the kids built Joy Michelle her Janie Beth bear. We are calling her Little Janie. :) I forgot my camera in the L&D bag. :( We ate lunch and then headed home to rest. Some wonderful ladies came over to visit and brought us some things for Joy Michelle. That night was choir for Josiah and Katie Jo at church. Eli and I hung out at home and watched Funniest Home Videos. :)

Thursday we got some school done again! YAY for 2 days! Josiah went to the doctor that afternoon for his check-up. He is 47lbs and 47in. He has a dislocated knee cap. He was running rather goofily (my made up word) at his game Monday night, and we brought up his leg at the doctor. He also mentioned some double vision from time to time, so he is set up for a full eye work up on the 25th. He will also be re-tested for his speech just to be sure he is all set and not having anymore issues.

Thursday night was my semi-annual consignment shopping night. If you ask Joey, he will tell you that I plan my entire year around my Kid's Market shopping trips. :) I buy everything for the upcoming season and usually some birthday and Christmas gifts as well. We borrowed an electric wheelchair from some new friends for me to use while I was shopping in order to not be on my feet much. I got in bed about 1:00am.

Friday I had to be up and at em by 5 because Gwyn would be at our house extra early since my sister was having a little procedure done. God graciously gave me strength for the day! Katie Jo, Gwyn, and I went to a MOMs club baby shower for 4 mommies, us included, who are due in Nov with girls. It is just a chance to get together and celebrate. We got a little basket with some goodies in it. That morning we looked at the $1 movie theatre schedule. Nanny McPhee Returns is playing. We decided to take everyone to see it that afternoon since we don't know when Joy Michelle will make her appearance. It was a cute movie!! The kids all enjoyed themselves.

Saturday was full of football! As is every Saturday during college football season! We ROLL the TIDE at our house. :) Although, Josiah has become a rebel and now cheers for the Florida Gators. Katie Jo has been a rebel since last season when she decided to follow her Nana and cheer Geaux Tigers. :) We cooked out with my family that night.

Sunday I ventured to the worship service and then the church gave us a shower for Joy Michelle. I must say I was blessed beyond measure!!! We have not been here very long, and they have welcomed us in.

We spent lots of time outside throughout the week as the weather here has been lovely.

I am hoping for more than 2 days of school this week as it is a slower week. Tonight I get to celebrate Joy Michelle with one more shower with friends. :) Tomorrow is the doctor and 35 wks, and both kiddos have soccer games Tues and Thurs night and Sat morning. This ends our soccer season!!! YAY! I am ready for our evenings to be back. We are really looking at dwindling down our schedule and asking God what He wants us involved in.

Sorry for no pics! I hope to get some up soon. I have several posts I want to type up as well. We shall see what the schedule allows. :)

I must also send a shout out to my Beloved!!! He has been doing an awesome job at the laundry and kitchen duties!!!! There are also several wonderful people who have brought us dinner. :) God is providing and blessing!


  1. I got tired just reading about your week! I hope Joy Michelle stays cozy for awhile yet. :)

  2. Wow Michelle that really is a very busy bed rest week. I can totally understand your planning your whole entire year around the kid resale. I just started going to one that is twice a year and I can totally see what you mean about how your plan your whole year around it. Deciding what to sell and getting it ready to sell and then also deciding what you need to buy. I was amazed how many nice things there were at the last one I went too. Praying that Joy Michelle comes at the perfect time and that you will survive this busy bedrest schedule:)