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2 Peter 3:18

Friday, November 26, 2010

1 Month

It makes me sad to think that Joy Michelle is already one month old!!! She doesn't look like a newborn anymore. She is still a good baby, prertty easy going. She is a blessing to our family.

I am so thankful she is here! She is my free therapy. Last year this day was Janie Beth's Iron Bowl (a big deal in the state of AL, Alabama V. Auburn). Today she isn't here to watch it, so I will snuggle Joy Michelle when my heart hurts too much. So often, Joy Michelle has milestone days on days that were all about Janie Beth last year. God is truly amazing!!

Here are some news pictures...

first time in the swing

Supervising the Christmas decorating...

Here is the progression of our photo shoot yesterday. LOL

 I am so done with pictures! Ha, ha.

My Favorite!


  1. She is absolutely beautiful, Michelle. The last picture is my favorite. Many prayers for you and your family as you travel this journey with Joy Michelle and Janie Beth.


  2. How amazing that so much has happened in a year. I am sorry that it is bittersweet. But happy to see how much Joy is growing ~ and your therapy.

    Hope I get some therapy time in Jan!

  3. Awww! can I visit next week!?!? I think with the photos she was like "oookay! I see she's NOT going to stop, and it might be better to whip up a little 'cute' for a minute." :)

  4. That headband is so cute on her!

  5. I just want to say CONGRATULATIONS!! She is beautiful! As you know we had our girl 10/7 so I have been busy and not able to do much with my blog let alone read others. I am just now seeing your precious Joy Michelle. I am so happy for you and you deserve her. Best wishes to you and your family and have a happier Christmas this year full of joy with her.
    God Bless!