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2 Peter 3:18

Sunday, January 2, 2011

2 Months

Technincally, Joy Michelle was 2 months on Dec. 26, but I am behind as usual. :) She will be 10 wks on Tuesday. Can you believe it!?! She is growing up so fast. :(

She is still pretty laid back and easy going. She doesn't usually mind when her siblings love on her. :) She had a good first Christmas. She even got her first white Christmas. :) Her favorite things from Christmas is the swing from Nana and Poppa, which she is sleeping in as I type. She was a swing snob and didn't like the one we had. Ha, ha

She was 10 lb 2.5 oz at her check-up and 21 in long. She is still in Newborn size clothes, but is moving into the smaller 0-3 month clothes. She is beginning to give me a 4-5 hour stretch at night, usually. I am a bit worried about tonight because she has been asleep since 6 or so and it is 9:30. (I guess I should be sleeping instead of typing, bt alas I want to get this typed up.)

She is beginning to smile at us, but she would rather look at anything but a person. LOL The smiles aren't too frequent, but she blessed me with the first one on December 29, Janie Beth's birthday. :) She doesn't care for tummy time as much anymore, but I think moving it to the morning may make it better.

Joy Michelle is a blessing to our family! I love to snuggle her close. :) I miss sleeping with her on my chest early in the morning now that she is in her crib. I have a feeling she will be spoiled because we all are hugging and kissing on her constantly. She will be the child that never talks because her siblings do all her talking for her. We shall see!

Here are a few pictures. The first ones are her 2 month pictures, and they prove that she doesn't want to look at people, just things and lights. :)
 She has also found her tongue. LOL

 With Eli, Katie Jo, and cousin Gwyn
 Visiting Janie Beth on her birthday.
 Love my dolly. :)
 Where I like to spend my time.