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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The 3 Biggin's

Yep, the 3 big ones is what Josiah, Katie Jo, and Eli have become. LOL Here is a little update on them...

Josiah had his first RA race last week. He was so pumped! He and Joey already have ideas for next year. I told Eli that by the time he was in RA they would have it all figured out. ha, ha! We aren't sure what place he was in, but he did pretty good. He also had the Grand Prix in Sparks last Sunday. He won the first heat he was in, but then didn't advance after that. He was still a proud supporter for Katie Jo! 
He is also doing great with his reading! He is getting more confindent which I believe is helping. Still a long way to go, but I am proud! His love is still math, but hopefully reading will become more fun as he learns.
I have a feeling Josiah and Joy Schelle are going to have a special relationship. Josiah has taken to being a big brother again very well, and he really looks after her.

Here is his RA car. You can see that it was damaged before it even got in the race. LOL

The Grand Prix in Sparks

Katie Jo has really been enjoying the warmer weather! She has completely been in her element in the mud.
She also had her first Grand Prix race in AWANA. She came in 3rd out of all the Sparks!!! Words don't do her excitement justice!! She was jumping around and screeching after every race she was in. It was so cute! She wears her medal proudly!
She has been all about GiGi's Cupcakes lately! She plays GiGi's cupcakes. :) She bakes them in her kitchen. I checked out a GiGi, God's Little Princess movie from church and she assumed that it was because she loved GiGi's Cupcakes so much. LOL
She was practicing her swimming in the tub yesterday. She called me to show me how she could go under water and how she will swim under water once Nana's pool is ready. She even asked about swimming lessons. (I will say, that it is ridiculous how expensive they are!) I can see her on a swim team one day.

It isn't shadow on her arms; it is mud!

 She was "painting" a ball with a small broom covered in mud.
 There is a huge smile on her face in every picture!

 Pulling Josiah into the celebration when she made the top 4!
 She couldn't be still so she is slightly blurry in most of my pics. LOL
 Happy for the others too!
 The amazing car. :)

And then, there is Eli... LOL Never a dull moment with that boy!
His chore this week is cleaning the table. We had some chocolate cake for dessert on Monday. I told him to go and make sure all the food was cleaned up off the chairs and table before we wiped it. I asked him if he was done and got it all. He said, "yes." I asked if he had thrown it away. He said,"No, I ate the pieces." LOL It is much easier to just eat the crumbs from the cake than to try to scoop them to be thrown away. I asked if he was going to eat the crumbs that got stuck on Katie Jo's pants, and he just laughed.
Eli is loving being back in Cubbies! Every time we go to church, he asks if it is Cubbies time. :) He was slightly upset that he didn't get to watch the Sparks race, but he is talking about when he is in Sparks.
He is pointing to words and asking me what they say, esp when reading a book. But, he is quick to tell you that he isn't doing school yet. LOL
His birthday is in about 6 weeks, and it is very hard for me to accept that he will be 4! He is planning on celebrating at Nana and Poppa's house and having cake, and of course Star Wars will be involved somehow. The boy is in love with Star Wars!
And it wouldn't be Eli if he hadn't done something to his face! Yep, he thought stamps would be a nice touch!

This is his lion pose. There has been a lot of growling around here lately!
 Showing me how white and shiny his teeth were after brushing them.
You can see the stamps go all the way down his chin and onto his neck.
 It reads "He is Risen"

There is a peak at what has been going on around here. I have a couple other blogs I hope to write soon because we have other big changes going on here. A couple last pictures since we have been dancing our calories off. :)

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