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2 Peter 3:18

Thursday, March 31, 2011

5 Months

Yep, it has been 5 months! Joy Michelle is beginning to show her personality more these days. She has started talking/gabbering more. She is a quiet talker though, and she normally only has a couple times a day where she talks for an extended period of time. She is rolling over from her belly to her back. She is playing with toys. She is still a good sleeper most of the time. She is my little butter ball. :) Short and round. Just right for squeezing.

She has started with eczema on her face, which probably means she will have food allergies like Eli. I am trying to cut dairy and now wheat as well from my diet since she is nursing. She has found her lips. LOL She makes all kinds of faces while sucking on them.

Joy Michelle, you have blessed me so much! Your siblings are still in love with you. You love to sit up against Daddy's pillow on the bed by his desk and be with him. You smile whenever he is around. You are a Mommy's girl even though you have Daddy wrapped around your finger. You did give him grief while Mommy, Josiah, and Katie Jo were at a play because you wouldn't take the bottle and just screamed. I won't be leaving you anymore until you have started solids, or it is just a quick run right after you eat. I have had several people lately tell me that you look like Janie Beth. It is especially noticeable around your mouth. It warms my heart. Thank You, Abba, for blessing me and my family with Joy Michelle!!!

She wasn't real pleased to have her picture taken with Little Janie this month, but I thought it was cute. :)
 You could get your feet higher than your head before you learned to roll over.
 You found your feet...

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  1. What a cutie!!! She is just growing up so fast. Love the picture of her on her tummy with feet high... Lauren has that problem too. ;)