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2 Peter 3:18

Saturday, August 7, 2010

My Brain/ Homeschool

It hurts!!! LOL I am trying to find the right routine/schedule for our family. I even broke down and tried to write it all out. When I am pregnant I have a heck of a time making decisions. (Just ask Joey, LOL, you do not want to ask me where we are to eat or what we are to eat.) I am hoping that writing out a schedule will give me a framework that we can move around in until we find what works best for us. I need to structure what Katie Jo and Eli are doing for their "school". I am one of those crazy people that doesn't do much formal school before 1st grade. One of the reasons I wanted to homeschool is because we try so hard to make our kids grow up, and I want them to enjoy being kids.

I know God is going to show us the way and guide my path and steps, but I usually have to stumble a bit before I get it right. :)

The sad thing is, I had to learn the same lesson last year! I started out the year last year doing the same work with Josiah and Katie Jo. I had to pull back and pull Katie Jo out of school because she wasn't ready for what we were doing. Well, what did I do this year!?! The exact same thing!! HELLO, Michelle! Katie Jo is still doing school, but she is not doing everything Josiah is doing. She isn't a whole year behind Josiah really, more like a semester behind. If we had waited to start until Jan she would be totally ready to do everything Josiah is doing, so she may start some of the same things Josiah is doing this semester next semester. I love being able to gear things to where my kids are.

Unfortunately, God has to teach me the same lesson quite often! There are many times He shows me something and I will work on it for a while, but then I fall right back into my old habits. I am very thankful that He is gracious, merciful, and forgiving!!

So, our year is really starting out well, we are just trying to find our niche. This is really our first year because we only got a couple months in last year before Janie Beth's diagnosis, so I fully expect us to have to make some turns on the road. We will find what works best for each of us!

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