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Monday, August 2, 2010

Preggo Pic Comparison and Update

I have always compared my preggo belly pics. I will usually compare them to try and figure out the sex of the baby. LOL It is amazing to me to see how my girl bellies look exactly the same, just bigger each time. LOL So, I thought I would share with you all, not that you really care, but here you go anyways. :)

Josiah at 29 wks

Katie Jo at 26 wks

Eli at 23 wks

Janie Beth at 24 wks

Joy Michelle 23 wks

Joy Michelle seems to be doing very well. Joey and Katie Jo both felt her for the first time Saturday. She is a mover. LOL You can already see my belly move around. I do pray she gets some meat on her bones because she feels very bony right now. :) I love feeling her!!! It is probably one of the things I missed the most with Janie Beth. It is hard to believe we will be 24 wks on Wed. I go back to the doctor on Thursday. I have several questions for him and some things to talk about. I really need to right them down so I don't forget!

Maybe I will do one of the pregnancy questionaires this week. We will see. Time is of the essence now that school is going!

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  1. You are so beautiful pregnant. I love that sweet belly! I'm so glad she and you are doing well. {hugs} . . . . oh and thanks for loaning Joey to us yesterday. He was a lifesaver. :) We love the Karrs!