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2 Peter 3:18

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Joy Michelle Update

I will be 31 weeks tomorrow. It is hard to believe that I am that far along!! To think that just 3 weeks after that I delivered Janie Beth, and 5 weeks after that I delivered Katie Jo. That is slightly scary!!! I am not sure I am ready for that. :)

Preparation for her is coming along at home. Her bed is all made up with an adorable bedding set that my sister had but didn't use. Her name will be monogrammed on her blanket and hung over the bed. I need to take pictures of it to show, especially once the blanket is done. All of her other furniture is set up, the swing, bouncy seat, carseat. We won't mention that sweet Gwyn has been using it to make sure it is all works just right. ;) We are blessed to have Gwyn joining us on Monday, and I pray she and Joy will grow to be best friends.

Her clothes are all in a box. LOL I need to sort and get things put up, but we are looking for a bigger chest of drawers for the girls to share. The current one only has 4 small drawers, which just won't work for 2 girls. :)

Eli talks about how cute Moy Schelle is. Yes, that is what it sounds like when he says Joy Michelle. :D He asks about her alot, especially if it is raining. He is quite concerned that she will get wet. lol

I am going to have my hands full with help!! The kids love when Gwyn is over and want to hold her and take care of her constantly. I think I may have to hire them out to give me a break. ha, ha! I look forward to seeing them with Joy Michelle. They do still talk about hoping she gets to come home, and we pray daily for her safety, health, and development.

I am measuring 3 weeks ahead. Yikes! This is not unknown territory for me, however. My contractions have begun to creep in on me again, but not enough to warrant worry or meds at this point. I want her to stay in there until she is healthy enough to stay with me! I have a slight fear of her having to go to the NICU. I am going to the doc every 2 weeks, and I just have to say I love my doctor's office!!!

Dr. F gave us a peak at Joy Michelle because I wanted to make sure she was still measuring well. She was in a good position, so he switched over to 4D for a minute and printed us a pic. I am amazed at how she looks like Janie Beth and Katie Jo. I just stare at her picture. It makes it more real even though I feel her constantly. It makes my arms itch to hold her when I look at her cute little face.

Although, she appears in the picture to have 2 horns. LOL We believe she has a head of hair like her sisters so only pieces of her scalp showed up. :)

Here she is... Joey took a picture of the picture so it isn't the best quality, but you can get the gist.

I need to get a new belly pic. I will upload one Josiah or Eli took, but it is fuzzy. I was 28 wks in this pic, so I really do need a new one!


  1. You look great!!! Love you in purple! I'm so excited for you!!! Can't wait to meet Joy Michelle!

  2. SO CUTE! Yes, time is flying and I so wish it would slow down. You're further along than me and I am still getting anxious about how much needs to be done.

    Purple is my Favorite COLOR!