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2 Peter 3:18

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Grave Stone Pictures

Joey and I were able to go see Janie Beth and get her pictures in the snow on Christmas Day. The last time we had snow on the ground on Christmas Day was 1989. It was magical! Today we went and put out the things Janie Beth got in her stocking as well as a balloon. Tomorrow we will go back and release 22 balloons for the 22 hours she lived.

The cemetary was beautiful in the snow!

 Built her a snowman. :)

Here are her pictures from today...
Her windchime

 Balloon from Nana

 Looking good!


  1. I love the first picture where you can see her J flag from a distance....such a bright spot amongst the white and grey.

  2. You decorate Janie Beth's grave so daintily. I understand completely - it is one of the few ways we can do things for our babies in Heaven.
    Thanks for sharing the pictures - happy birthday, Janie Beth!