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2 Peter 3:18

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Photo Album & Things

I had to get some of Janie Beth's pictures printed and I ended up getting 164 4x6's. LOL We bought a photo album yesterday. I am so excited to have them in our house!!! The pictures make her more real. They are tangible. I have all her pictures on my computer and can look at them anytime, but I can touch these pictures!! I can't wait to get the rest of her pictures printed, but for now I am very happy with what I have. :) One day I hope to scrapbook everything. One day!

It did take me a little by surprise that it felt so much more real. It was hard at times to sort because it brought the memories back more fresh. Her album sits on a little table between the kids little recliners, at least for now.

She also has other spots in the house. I took pictures today to share. :)
Here is the album.

Her molds and imprints. I am going to paint the prints, but haven't yet.

The flowers on the left are from the roses Joey gave Janie Beth and I for Christmas. I dried them. The picture is of pictures of her name. The other roses are from my MOMs club. There is one rose for each member of the family, except Joy Michelle.

Here are her animals and blankets. The pink one is my Janie Beth lamb.

A close up of the shelf.

Here is her basket with some other animals that are hers.

Her ornament from String of Pearls.

Some special little things on my dresser. The cross says "You Are A Child of God". She is more than an angel, she is a child of God.

Here are the bracelets from Sufficient Grace Ministries. I love looking at them, wearing mine and KJ wearing hers. I believe Joy Michelle may get a picture with Janie Beth's on. :)

If you noticed there are 3 different windmills scattered amongst her things and a little pitcher. They are from Holland. My dad's family lived in Germany for a few years when he was a teenager, and I got those after my Granny died. They are special to me and windmills are free in the wind like Janie Beth. :)

Thank you for letting me share Janie Beth's special places with you!!


  1. How well I know that the special things for our babies are so cherished. You have made a beautiful memorial for your Janie Beth. xoxo

  2. Such beautiful things Michelle. Sweet reminders of that precious Janie Beth. I love you my friend.

  3. I made a digital scrapbook of my son. It has pictures and the entire story of him from the day we found out we were pregnant through to heart-ship of or tragedy as we found out everything was not as perfect as it seemed to his funeral. I treasure it! It was a way to keep his story alive and also a way to keepsake all of the photos we had of him. Something else I treasure is his foot prints. The funeral home had a charm made with his print on it. I have it hanging on my neck all the time along side my cross as I know they are together. You can get one of these charms made from: http://www.meadowhillco.com/thumbies.php
    I understand the treasures you have of hers. This week I will be putting some things away as I prepare his room for our little girl. Some things will go in a chest and others will always remain out in our site.
    Bless you!