"And the Lord your God will circumcise your heart and the heart of your descendants, to love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul, that you may live." Deuteronomy 30:6

but grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To Him be the glory both now and forever. Amen.
2 Peter 3:18

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I had an awesome evening/night yesterday!!!! Some ladies in the MOMS club that I am a member of threw a celebration for Janie Beth. :) It was amazing!!! I love the chance to talk about her and share about her. I don't have little stories that I can share everyday of what she is doing so it is hard to bring her into everyday conversation sometimes. I loved being able to focus on her. It meant a lot to me to have others come to see pictures and here of her story. She is such an amazing little girl and I want the world to know!! :)

We started the evening by eating, of course. ;) Lisa had 22 pink balloons for us to let go for the 22 hours she was alive. She counted to 3 and we all said Janie Beth when we let them go. It was beautiful because it was getting dark but wasn't too dark so the moon was shining and the balloons going up. It looked like there were some pink stars after they got up far enough. Then, we all held a letter in her name or a picture of a heart on the steps of the porch and Lisa took a picture. They also gave me a frame with Janie Beth's name written in different ways!

We watched the DVD slideshow that we showed at visitation and the funeral, and then I talked about our experience. They asked some questions and I talked, which we all know I have no problems doing. :) I brought some of Janie Beth's things to show and share, and I brought a little scrapbook for them all to sign. I haven't read what they wrote yet, but I am thankful that they were willing to sign. I want to be able to look back 10 years from now and remember that special night!

They were gracious enough to have some wonderful gifts for me to remember Janie Beth by. Suzanne gave me a beautiful plant from Exotic Angel Plants called "Baby Jade". They had a collage of pictures printed up and framed. They had a butterfly released at Botanical Gardens in her memory and framed the certificate and picture of butterflies. A lady made a rosary with the birthstones of all my children. It was placed in a beautiful glass box inscribed with Janie Beth's name and a saying. I also got a locket keychain with her name inscribed on one side and the name of all my kids and Joey on the other side. There is also a little photo album of pictures. All the gifts came in a big pink basket that has 22 little roses on the handle for her 22 hours and 6 bigger roses on the rim for the 6 people in our family. There were 22 candles there and each person took one home to remember Janie Beth. There was also a vase with 6 pink roses in it for our family. And a stone that has little footprints on it and says Janie Beth's Garden. I can't wait to plant her rose garden!!! They also gave a donation to the NICU at Huntsville Hospital. I still cannot believe how much support they gave for them to be able to do all of this!!!! It warms my heart and brings tears to my eyes. God is gracious.

I was blessed beyond measure!!! Saying thank you doesn't scrape the surface of the thanks I have for them celebrating with me and caring. It was such a special evening and it will forever be a part of my memories. It was fabulous!!!!

I am so full of love for Janie Beth today. I think I may have a huge silly grin on my face for the entire day.



  1. Wow, that is soooo cool!!! What awesome friends you have!! And an amazing God who knew you needed that. Yay!!!! I'm so happy for you. Wish I could have been a fly on the wall. :)

  2. We had such a great evening!!! We all loved hearing about Janie Beth. And - I know that we will never forget that celebration and Janie Beth will be in our hearts forever!! That was the whole point so I say mission accomplished :)

  3. Wow, Michelle! What a beautiful evening! How healing and inspiring for you! I am grateful for your friends, too! They are incredible!

  4. Wow those are some amazing friend. They are very special!! How did they know to do such wonderful things?

  5. Oh my gosh that is so totally awesome that they gave you a celebration for your sweet girl!! What great ladies!!