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2 Peter 3:18

Friday, December 18, 2009

Josiah Mark Karr

Sorry for the underlining; I have no idea what I did, but it has something to do with the pictures I think.

It is hard to believe that Josiah is turning 6 today. Where have the last 6 years gone!?! I will never forget the day he arrived. I had been to the hospital on the 17th contracting, but they sent me home because they weren't really doing much. I had a doctor's appointment on the 18th. She sent me straight over to the hospital because I was 6 cm dilated. Well, that wasn't a change from the day before. The nurses and doc on call kept debating what to do because I was still contracting. Finally, Dr. Z said he was going to check the schedule for the next morning for me to go home and sleep and then come back in the morning. Low and behold, they were full the next morning, so he said they were going to do it that night. Joey had to run out and catch my mom in the parking lot before she left since the plan had changed. She was on her way to our house to sleep.

Dr. Z tried to "accidently" break my water. OUCH!!!!! He said he couldn't believe I wasn't screaming. He gave up and got the little gadget they use, which didn't want to pop my water either, but they eventually got it. Once my water popped I began to feel contractions, and I was having to breathe through them by the time they got my epidural. Four hours and 15 min after they broke my water, I was completely ready to push. Poor Dr Z had just laid down. :) I pushed 18 min and there he was. He weighed in at 7 lb 9 oz and 21 in. He was the biggest of all my babies. I fell in love immediately!!

Josiah is now almost 45 lbs. He is so excited to be 6! It is so cute!! He and Dad went to the ROC and played the games that he never gets to play when his brother and sister are with us. Then, they went and ate at Chick-fil-A, which he only gets to eat at without his siblings also because of their allergies. He says that he beat Dad good at ping-pong (table tennis to some). Joey said only one ball actually bounced on the table as it was supposed to, so Dad just had trouble hitting balls that went all over. :) I wish I had been there to video tape!

We will be going to Nana and Poppa's house for his party tonight at Josiah's request. He wanted it somewhere besides his house this year. There is no telling how late he will be up tonight! :)

This day brings many good memories. I could recount his entire life for you. :) But, I will just share a little about him now. Josiah is a sweet boy. He is very thoughtful and reflective. His prayers touch me! Right now he loves to come up and talk quietly to Janie Beth. He isn't one for being up in front of people, but more of a behind the scenes kind of person. He loves boy stuff! Not only does he still love Nascar, but he now loves Alabama football too. Actually, he will watch any football game. He really wants to be a running back at AL. I think he may need a little more meat on his bones! He asked me several weeks ago if being able to feel his bones meant he was getting stronger! He cracks me up sometimes. He told Joey yesterday that Joey just needed to be patient because the mailman hadn't come yet. :) You never know what he will say. He lovingly takes care of his siblings around others and sticks up for them. He is a joy and a blessing and I am so thankful that God brought him into our family.

There are many things going through my mind today, but today is for Josiah, so those can wait until tomorrow.

Here is my young man.


  1. Happy birthday precious boy! We are so happy to have you and your family in our lives.

  2. Happy Birthday, Josiah!! We love you!
    The Minors