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2 Peter 3:18

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Latest

Joey and Michelle are with the neonatal doctor now. This is what we know right now. Upon a little further evaluation it is believed that Janie Beth doesn't not have the more common form of dwarfism after all. It appears as though she in fact does have the fatal form. They are preforming x-rays and running blood test to find a conclusion diagnosis. Right now, Janie Beth's stats are fine. She is on 100% oxygen (but that is normal for a preemie). It is important to find out what her CO2 levels are. Joey said that if she cannot get rid of CO2 on her on, she cannot live. Unless they determine something "extremely obvious" tonight, the plan is to continue to evaluate tonight and to do some more testing tomorrow. Joey has gotten to spend time with Janie Beth. He says she is definitely a fighter! She has been looking at and squeezing Daddy's fingers. Joey's words were, "at this moment, we just don't know". We are expecting another report soon including results from x-rays and blood work! Of course I will post it here!

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